Halo Frenchie can provide day care for your dog. You can leave your dog with us from 7am till 5pm, whether you are in work, shopping or just need some space from your pooch. Throughout the day our dogs will socialise with other dogs and have human interaction.

We are a family of dog enthusiasts who’s passion for dogs has led to us to create an environment of fun, structure and exercise for your dogs.  They will be walked in Formby nature reserve and in rolling fields throughout Formby.

We are trained dog behaviourists so your dog will learn manners whilst they stay with us too.

There will also be an agility section where your dog can burn off energy so when you pick them back up they will be ready for bed.


To book your dog in with us simply give us a call on 0151 289 2126 or 0745 680 4000


French Bulldog Breeding